With the ever-rising cost of living that feeds the frenzy to achieve higher spending power, most of us somehow forget our dreams to live well only to settle with what’s available. What’s available may not necessarily be the best.  “Frugality” would be the word that best describes one of the hardest lesson life has to offer most of us at some point or another in life. Well at least for most of us who would need to work for a living!

For many people, the idea of going frugal sounds like a great plan, but so many things stop some people from making the leap. They worry that they will miss out on the “good things in life” or that others will view them as cheap.

Frugality is not to be misunderstood as being miserly or living a less fulfilling life. It is appreciating every bit of money that we may have available for spending to keep us happy and reasonably comfortable, yet without compromising the quality of life. Let it be the food we eat, the clothes we wear, or the lifestyle we choose to live. In order to start living frugally, you must first decide what you can live without. This does not mean you will give up all fun and have no luxuries. It simply means you will decide what is really important and learn to be OK with that.

In my hunt for living a frugal lifestyle without cramping my style, I stumbled upon an amazing discovery that has been around since 3,500 B.C and I have the Egyptians to thank for that. I discovered the myriads of use and benefits of essentials oils that can almost (work in progress for a total overhaul) rid my home off harmful, carcinogenic chemicals and petroleum based products.

Essential oils not only serve as a wonderful and rewarding replacement for almost all of my personal care products, but also household care items and remedies for basic ailments. I’ve started working on incorporating essential oils in my everyday living and I have never looked back since. My hair and skin has started showing visible improvement with just one month into replacing my chemical-laden shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers and moisturizers with my favourite blend of enriching essential oils. Who says you have to spend a bomb to look and feel gorgeous?

Feel free to try out the recipes available in this site to start making your own personal care or even household care product. What makes it wonderful is that you can actually mix and match the contents to suit your own special needs and preference. So why settle for a product meant for the masses when you have a product of your own taste for a fraction of the price!

The claims made in this website are based on traditional uses, current literature, anecdotal experiences, and many years of personal experience with essential oils. These claims have not been evaluated by the relevant health authorities, nor are they meant to diagnose or treat any ailment or condition. They are provided here as a public service and for your information only.


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