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When you wash your hair with alkaline solutions like baking soda, castille soap or other alkaline solutions your hair feels soft and manageable. What really happens here is the weakening of the disulfide bonds in the internal structure of your hair, otherwise known as “keratin”. The human scalp, like the skin ranges in pH between 4 and 7. Fungi and bacteria thrives on the scalp when it is too alkaline, which is brought about by using shampoos with the pH that is more than 7 causing the naturally acidic sebum of the scalp (which fights bacteria) to be stripped away. Conditioning the hair with an acidic compound like apple cider vinegar helps, by bringing balance to the pH of the scalp. This is called “clarifying”. This helps on occasions to revive the hair from protein build-up. However, forcing the hair to go on extreme ends of the pH scale on a short span of time on a regular basis will damage it as well. Which is why many commercial shampoos in the market advertise that it is pH balanced.

Yes I know. In my last post about No-Poo methods to Hair Care I preached about the benefits of going natural and using a combined solution of Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar to replace your commercial shampoo and now here I go about it being damaging.

When your hair seems dull even after all your attempts of reviving it with serums, mask and what-not, this only means your hair is saturated with clogging oils and proteins that would not allow it to take on all the extra nourishing you provide. So clarifying the hair with baking soda  and Apple Cider Vinegar would do the trick. But… here it comes, on regular basis it would be advisable to use a pH balanced shampoo for regular wash of the hair.

I’ll share with you a recipe that is so simple and affordable that you can make at home and use as and when you require. The recipe however, the life-span of this recipe will only last about a week or so. So the recipe has been tweeked to ensure zero wastage and to last much more longer than a week.


1 1/2 cups of coconut milk

3/4 cups pure aloe vera gel

3-5 drops of essential oil of choice (optional)


1. Mix both ingredients in a bowl. Using a whisk or hand mixer to mix the ingredients well.

2. Pour mixture into ice cube trays.

3. Put in freezer and wait a few hours until frozen completely. At this point you can transfer them to some sort of bag or container, or just keep them in the trays.

To use: Take one cube out before you want to use it (at least the night before) and keep it in a small container or bowl in the fridge until you are ready to shower. Use as you would normal shampoo (about a quarter size amount).

Work into the scalp and then move toward the ends of your hair. Let sit for 30 seconds or so and then rinse completely. This will not lather… so don’t keep adding more thinking it will get your hair “more clean.”

Place any remaining mixture back in the fridge to use next time you wash your hair. The shelf life of each cube is about 1 week in the fridge. Just be sure to take a new cube out when you use up the other one.

The saturated fats in coconut oil aids in repairing and nourishing damaged hair and so does Aloe Vera. The pH level of both ingredients are under 7, which makes it more aligned to the scalp’s natural pH. If your hair type is dry, then you may want to add in a couple of drops of Vitamin E or Sweet Almond Oil in the mixture before freezing them. Castor Oil is also known to aid in aiding hair growth. If you intend to add essential oils in your shampoo, I would suggest you only do that just before you shampoo and not in the shampoo mixture that is to be frozen.

NOTE: I’d highly recommend giving this shampoo some tries before judging it.  I found that my hair was a little greasy and my scalp slightly flaky for the first couple of times I used it. By the fourth I started seeing results.


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