10 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

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I have recently been introduced to the world of essential oils.  I love doing things more naturally without chemicals or pharmaceuticals if possible.  One of my favorites so far is Lemon Essential Oil.

10 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Respiratory Ailments

Lemon essential oil can be used with a steam inhalation treatment for wheezing, colds, cough, and other upper respiratory problems. **Note that this should not be used in those with asthma.

To take a steam inhalation treatment with lemon essential oil, fill a large bowl or pan with boiling hot water and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Place the afflicted person’s head over the bowl and then place a towel over the head and bowl, in a tent-like fashion so that no steam escapes. The person should take a few deep breaths, breathing the vapors in deeply for a couple minutes. If at any time, the treatment causes you to feel uncomfortable, stop right away. As with any medical treatment, contact a licensed medical professional before starting any medical treatment.


Lemon is a natural disinfectant. A couple drops of Lemon essential oil can be added to a spray bottle of water and sprayed into the air as a deodorizer, neutralizer, and air sterilizer. The same concoction can also be sprayed onto tables, counter tops and other surfaces.


Lemon essential oil can be used as a natural mouthwash. Add a couple drops to a 4 oz glass of water and gargle. The disinfectant properties are great for germs in the mouth and for neutralizing bad breath odors, as well.


For a quick, refreshing energy boost, combine a couple drops each of lemon essential oil and peppermint essential oil in a glass of water and drink up.

Insect Repellent

a few drops of lemon essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water and spray onto the skin as an insect repellent. This is best used at dusk because Lemon oil can increase sun exposure to the skin. Because of that this method is best used at night or on cloudy and cool days.


Add a couple drops of lemon essential oil to a glass of water. Drink the full glass. This is said to relieve heartburn symptoms by neutralizing the acid.

Cough, Sore Throat, Fever

By Adding a couple drops of lemon essential oil to your glass of water can help soothe a sore throat, calm a cough, and quell a fever. Lemon oil fights against bacteria, as well as viruses. There aren’t many substances around that can do both. Many will do one or the other.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

Lemon Oil can be used to fight against oily skin and hair. It also has cleansing properties and is often an ingredient in homemade hair products. Keep in mind that lemon is acidic, and that using lemon in the hair and then going out in the sun can cause a lightening effect.  It can create some awesome highlights!  Lemon oil is also great nourishment for the nails and can help fight against nail fungus.


Scientific studies have shown the anti-depressant qualities of essential oils, specifically lemon oil and lavender oil. In the study mentioned, the inhalation method, like the one mentioned above for respiratory ailments, was used.

Memory & Thought Clarity

Lemon essential oil, when used in combination with Rosemary may help increase memory, increase concentration, and provide more clarity of thought. To create this helpful blend, use 3 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of lemon oil. Here are others blends that you may want to try:

Blend #1

  • 4 drops Cypress
  • 1 drop Peppermint

Blend # 2

  • 1 drop Basil
  • 2 drops Rosemary
  • 2 drops Cypress

Blend # 3

  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 2 drops Hyssop

Blend # 4

  • 2 drops Peppermint
  • 3 drops Lemon

Where to Buy Essential Oil

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