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The effects of pregnancy, weight loss, and the force of gravity can have a significant impact on a woman’s breast. With volume loss in the breast tissue and/or loss of the elasticity of the skin, a woman’s breast can start to sag and lose firmness and youthful shape. So make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Home remedies for firming saggy breasts include usage of proper pectoral exercises, olive oil massaging, ice massaging, cucumber and egg mask, vegetable oils and essential oils in different forms and ways. Firming saggy breast is more important for the breast feeding mothers. It is important to take certain precautions, while doing any exercises during pregnancy. Age plays an important factor in the loosening of the firmness of the breast. More than size of the breast, it is important to have firm and proper shaped breast.

Breasts are made of fat, tissues, and milk producing glands and not muscles; this makes it difficult to shape and tone breasts. Sagging breasts normally occur with ageing and are quite common after breastfeeding and pregnancy. While it is not possible to tighten the loose skin in sagging breasts, you can shape and tone the muscles around your breasts to make it appear more firm. One way on how to tighten breasts is to perform some breast lift exercises like stability ball dumbbell presses.

Sagging breasts can be due to a variety of reasons. These include age, pregnancy and post pregnancy weight loss, breast feeding, weight loss in general, or excessive weight gain, in which case the breast tissue aren’t able to hold your breast due to a higher centre of gravity. Alternatively, sagging breasts can also be a natural phenomenon which is present in your genes. Women with sagging breasts can feel conscious and unconfident. However, this shouldn’t be allowed to affect your self esteem as there is a lot you can do. Yoga can be very beneficial to help tone and tighten the breasts within a realistic range.

The breast is mainly fat and connective tissue and does not have any muscle. Hence, it is difficult to tone and tighten. Technically it is not a possibility since no muscles are involved. However, it is possible to tighten the breast tissue and strengthen the pectoral or chest muscles, so that the breasts can look toned and uplifted.

# Yoga Poses To Shape Breast :

Practicing yoga for breast firming can also be an effective technique to use, especially the postures that work on the pectoral muscles. Some of the effective yoga postures on how to tighten the breast are Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), and Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose). Yoga is a great way to tighten chest muscles and tone the breasts. Several yoga exercises that focus on working against gravity, such as backbends, Shirsasana (Headstand), and Viparita Karani (Inverted Leg Stretch) are great at uplifting breasts since they oppose the gravitational force which pulls the breasts downward. Other poses such as Bhujangasana (Snake Pose), Ushtrashasana (Camel Pose), and Dwikonasana (Double Angle Pose) are great for strengthening the pectorals and correcting the body posture. Proper posture can subtract years from aging breasts, making them look firmer and uplifted.


Avoid doing forward bends, contracting poses, jogging, and running. They are detrimental to sagging breasts. Use good quality sport bras, which provide good support. Correct your posture and sit up straight; it can totally enhance they way you look in a matter of seconds.

# Massage:

Massage your breast at least 2-3 times in a week using olive oil. It will help firm the skin as well as improve the skin tone and texture. It will also tone your chest and improve the elasticity of the skin.Massage is also an excellent way of firming saggy breasts.

#Breast Mask:

Some people also choose to use a breast mask once a week. To prepare the mask, grind a cucumber and add an egg yolk, then add some butter or natural cream into the mixture. Blend the ingredients into a paste and apply it to your breasts, allowing it to sit for around 15 – 20 minutes. Then, wash it off. This technique will help strengthen the tissues of the breast and add firmness to them.

#Ice Massaging:

Ice massaging can be another effective form to regain firmness in sagging breasts and uplifting them. Take two cubes of ice and massage it in a circle around your breast for at least a minute. Don’t do it for too long, as the skin of the breast is very sensitive.  This will help tighten and tone the skin of your breasts. Cold temperatures naturally tighten up skin and slow cellular movement. This is a good technique when combined with immediately putting on a properly fitting bra and then staying in some sort of reclined position to allow the effects of the cold to sink in, thereby increasing the effects.

#Special Bras:

It is very important to consider the kind of bras you wear if you are not happy with how saggy your breasts have become. You need to select the appropriate bra which makes the breast look firm and provides enough support to keep it high and tight. There are special bras available in the market which have strong support holders at the cup bottoms which lift your breast and keep them firm. Usually, the employees at lingerie stores or department stores are able to point you in the right direction for the bra which will best satisfy your needs.

#Vegetable Oil:

You can also use vegetable oils like almond oil, grape seed oil or Carrot seed to massage onto your breasts. It will help with the nourishment of the skin, toning the structure and giving extra zeal. One can add essential oils along with vegetable oils, if you think it is required. Olive oil has long been suggested as one of the best oils to use,

#Essential Oils:

Cypress oil, Fennel oil, Lemongrass oil, and Spearmint oil are some of the essential oils which can also help or be used to increase the firmness of sagging breasts. Do not use more than 2 drops every time you massage the breast as they are very strong and can cause a burning sensation. It would be best to use them in a mixture along with other vegetable oils.

Home Made Bust Firming Oil


Mix all the above oils well and store in a dark-coloured glass container away from sunlight and direct heat.

The texture of the oil is not too thick. It is smooth and easy to massage plus absorb into skin. For bust I only use like four to five drops everyday morning and evening after shower. This bust oil is best to prevent sagging and wrinkle.


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