Beat Vaginitis with Coconut Oil Tampons

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Most of us will experience vaginitis at one time or another, as annoying as it is.  Briefly, there’s usually a discharge, that’s commonly grey or white and has an unpleasant odor but, not everyone with bacterial vaginosis will experience this.  Itching of the vulvar or vaginal area is also common.

How can we find natural…

R E L I E F?

Bacterial Vaginitis Remedy

Blend the ingredients together and smear all over tampon.  Insert the magic bullet (feels amazing!) right before bed and remove in the morning.  Relief is pretty swift, you should feel better by the morning but, you’ll want to keep this routine up for at least a week.

FYI: For an ahhhh moment ~ refrigerate the coconut oil tampons!

Daytime Tips!


Keep a very small jar of coconut oil with the EO blend mixed in. Whenever you get uncomfortable, apply topically.  You can insert another coconut oil tampon during the day if you like too.

Important to note:  Toddlers to young girls are safe to use this blend topically for bacterial vaginitis.  Reduce the Lavender and Melaleuca by half.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water with a dash of Lemon EO throughout the day!

We provide all the essential oils and other ingredients listed above specially shipped in from the U.S. which is certified organic and 100% original without dilution or added preservatives.

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