Rosemary Tea Tree Body Butter

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  1. Melt the shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil in a double boiler. Remove from heat and let cool for 30 minutes.
  2. Once cool, stir in the almond and essential oils.
  3. Place oil mixture in the refrigerator to cool for 10-20 minutes, checking on it periodically.
  4. When the outer edges of the mixture begin to solidify, whip the oils with a hand mixer until they thicken into a creamy body butter.
  5. Store in a plastic or glass container for several months.

Tips for this recipe:

When melting your solid oils, my favorite method is to use a Pyrex 2-Cup Measuring Cup set inside a small pot filled halfway with water. This is an incredibly handy tool that contains your measuring, melting, and clean-up to a single dish.

A key factor when whipping up the above recipe is to allow the oils to cool sufficiently before whipping.

If the oils are too warm they won’t whip up to the creamy consistency that you see here. If this seems to be happening, simply put the mixture back into the fridge for a few minutes and try again.

When picking scents for my body butter, I decided on rosemary and tea tree essential oils. You, of course, can choose your own favorites. Some nice options might include lavender, sweet orange, or rosemary & peppermint. Happy whipping!

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