INGREDIENTS: cistus, geranium, hinoki, lavender, orange sweet, rose, rosewood, sage, spruce

AFFINITY FOR: emotional balance, brow chakra, crown chakra, heart chakra

RESONANCE: physical and emotional

APPLICATION: Savvy can be diffused, applied to wrists or temples, added to a bath, or used with almond oil for massage.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS:Because this blend dissipates negative emotions, it helps us move forward with renewed vigor and enthusiasm to achieve our dreams.

EMOTIONAL – SPIRITUAL – MENTAL ASPECTS: Savvy promotes feelings of faith in the future and renewed enthusiasm for the pursuit of our goals and dreams. This blend can help us discern the path best suited for us and most likely to bring happiness and contentment to our lives. Savvy is also helpful in bolstering decision making abilities. Savvy can help us achieve a healthy balance between the analytical left brain and the intuitive right brain. Its special function seems to be helping us maintain a balance between preparations for the future and living with joy and peace today. Savvy has a special place for those who struggle with pride or arrogance, or who fail to credit heaven and other people with any part in their successes. This blend can be particularly useful for those in leadership positions. It can aid them to see past the physical appearances and circumstances of others, while giving them the ability to discern the strengths and intrinsic worth of those they serve. The skill of seeing the worth of another soul is also a valuable asset among family members, members of a community, or work group.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: All essential oils are antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral. Savvy is no exception and it has a pleasant aroma. It can be used to disinfect anything. Savvy is effective against canker sores.

CAUTIONS: This blend contains a small amount of sage, which is strongly contra-indicated for use during pregnancy; it may be wise to exercise a bit of caution with this blend when pregnant, epileptic, or suffering from high blood pressure.


This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.
As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner. Keep away from children. If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier.


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