5 Powerful Performances That Brought Simon Cowell To Tears

During his time as a judge on talent shows like American Idol, X Factor, AGT, Simon Cowell earned the nickname “Mr. Annoying.” Many viewers remember his harsh criticisms, or the times when he clashed with contestants.

In recent years, Simon has softened. He is known to be easily moved by particularly moving performances and touching stories. In fact, he even shed tears a few times.

Dave & Finn

It’s no secret that Simon loves dogs. So it should come as no surprise that he loves this BGT magic show, featuring a former cop and his canine partner. Finn saved Dave’s life and nearly died in the process. As this story was told on screen, Simon could be seen in tears.


Josh Daniel

This contestant performed “Jealousy” of the Labyrinth and revealed that he had lost his best friend a few years ago. Simon can be seen holding back tears throughout the performance. When Cheryl offered a tearful critique, Simon also cried quietly. He was so choked up, he let them go to the polls and he didn’t give a single critique. Then he walked alone, obviously very emotional.

Evie Clair

During the AGT semi-final, the young singer sang Ella Henderson’s “Yours” while her father was hospitalized with colon cancer. After the performance, Simon called her voice “beautiful” and added, “Your dad would be so proud of you.” As host Tyra Banks pointed out, you can hear him choking as he speaks.


Michael Ketterer

Simon won a Golden Ball for this AGT singer, who shared her story of working as a pediatric mental health nurse and adopting 5 children. When performing James Bay’s “Us” in the semi-final, Simon was so emotional that he asked Tyra to come back to him in a minute. She insisted on asking him to share his thoughts, which he did in tears.

‘X Factor: Celebrity’ Finalists

Simon recently burst into tears during the finale of X Factor: Celebrity after watching the finalists perform a charity cover of Snow Patrol’s “Run”. The song has benefited the charity of two children close to Simon’s heart. Simon couldn’t even talk, and his partner Lauren Silverman ran over and gave him a hug.

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