7-year-old with a wild head of curly blonde hair is dancing her way into the hearts of the America’s Got Talent Judges and audience.

At just 7 years old, Eseniia, a young dancer with an exuberant head of curly blonde hair, has become a sensation on America’s Got Talent. Originating from Moscow, Russia, she appeared at her audition flanked by her parents, ready to share her passion for dance with the world.

Eseniia recounted an adorable story to the AGT judges, explaining how her connection to music and dance began in infancy. “When I was little, sleeping in the car, music would make my head move, even if my legs couldn’t,” she said, highlighting her innate rhythm and love for dance from an early age.

Her appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show shed more light on her background, where her father revealed that Eseniia started dancing at the tender age of 7 months. “Dancing brings a sense of freedom, happiness, and power,” Eseniia expressed during the show, emphasizing that dance is more than just movement to her—it’s a heartfelt expression.

Eseniia’s parents, both dance instructors, have nurtured her talent, yet they acknowledge her exceptional gift for dance as something uniquely her own, “from my heart,” as Eseniia puts it. She has mastered various dance styles, including ballet, tango, contemporary, and hip-hop, showcasing her versatile talent.

Her performance on AGT was nothing short of spectacular, featuring complex moves like the worm, backflips, splits, and handstands. Judge Sofia Vergara praised her as a “mini, mini star,” reflecting the judges’ unanimous admiration for her talent. With her beloved stuffed dog Linda by her side and the support of her proud parents from the sidelines, Eseniia received four “Yes” votes, moving forward in the competition and proving herself as a formidable young talent on the national stage.

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