Simon Cowell sends ‘incredible’ 10-year-old opera singer Emanne Beasha to America’s Got Talent finals

You can watch their full performance under Footloose in the video below

“Ebben” (“Ebben? Ne andrò lontana”) is an aria from “La Wally”, an opera in four acts by composer Alfredo Catalani, set to a libretto by Luigi Illica, first performed at La Scala in 1892.
Beasha’s powerful performance in the quarterfinals received standing ovations from the live audience as well as AGT judges at the Dolby Theater.

There are some moments in life that you will remember for the rest of your life. When someone with god-given talent does something so amazing, it is like watching the Olympics when you are just blown away by the way they do it.

I’ll eat that judges’ table if you don’t make it. It was unbelievable.Julianne Hough said: “What you just did transcend anything I’ve ever heard… You are literally an icon at 10 because people are going to try to follow in your footsteps. It was breathtaking! You are… I am amazed.

The live audience and judges of the American Idol talent show were blown away by Beasha’s mesmerizing performance during her quarterfinal performance at the Dolby Theatre.


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