The judges of ‘The Voice’ were taken aback when they heard the immense, deep voice of a 14-year-old kid, initially thinking it was a prank. Full video is in the comments

Blind auditions on The Voice never fail to deliver surprises for the judges. Fourteen-year-old Jacob Norton from Colchester, Essex, left everyone stunned with his audition.

Despite his young age and towering stature, Jacob’s deep voice astounded the coaches. Singing “Puttin’ On the Ritz,” Jacob sounded far beyond his years. Coaches Pixie Lott,, and Danny Jones were visibly shocked as they turned their chairs in disbelief. The audience erupted into cheers as Jacob confidently engaged with them, leaving the judges even more impressed.

Following his remarkable performance, Jacob couldn’t contain his excitement, celebrating like any typical teenager would. The judges praised his unique voice, with Pixie describing it as “rich” and leaving her “speechless.” Danny expressed admiration for Jacob’s talent, and all three coaches eagerly competed to have him on their teams.

Ultimately, Jacob chose Team Danny, delighted by the unexpected turn of events. In an interview, Jacob confessed to feeling nervous but was overjoyed by the judges’ enthusiastic response. Watch his incredible audition in the video below and share your thoughts!

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